Ladysmith, BC


Monday May 31st through Sunday June 6th, 2021


Welcome to Kids' Pirate Days 2021! We are not letting COVID-19 ruin our annual family event. This fun, week-long event has 3 days of online videos and activities for children to participate in on Monday May 31, Wednesday June 2nd, and Friday June 4th, 2021. 200 kit bags have been prepared by the enthusiastic pirates of the Royal Bank branch in Ladysmith. The bags are filled with pirate supplies and materials needed for participation in the video activities. Kit Bags can be picked up on Thursday May 27 at the RBC branch Ladysmith from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon; Friday May 28th at LaFF South Davis Road School from 10:00 am to 12 noon; and the Welcome Centre at LMS Marina on Saturday May 29th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The Transfer Beach event has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions. However, on Sunday June 6th we are planning a drive through where the kids can show us their completed activities and receive a prize. We ask that everyone stay in their vehicle and the Pirates will be there to wave to the children and pass the prize bag to you through the window.

The drive through will be located in front of the big blue LMS Heritage Building located at 610 Oyster Bay Drive. In order to prevent long waits we ask that you come during a designated time slot based on where you picked up your Pirate Kit Bag.

If you picked up your Kit Bag at:

  • Royal Bank Ladysmith branch, come between 10:00 am & 11:00 am
  • LaFF, come between 11:00 am & 12:00 noon
  • LMS Marina, come between 12:00 noon & 1:00 pm

We would love to see photos of the kids’ completed activities and post them on our Kids’ Pirate Days Facebook & website, please email them to us at If you have any questions or need further information, please email us.


New video episodes have been created with contributions by volunteers, amateurs and professionals. Each of the shows is focused on a different theme near and related to the imaginary world of pirates. Episodes are "magazine-style," fun-filled programs including a colorful mix of maritime information, participatory instructions, stories, and jokes.   Learn more...

Brought to you by the Ladysmith Maritime Society

Ladysmith Maritime Society


Ahoy Maties! Are ye ready for an exciting adventure on the seas with me and my Mates? Grab your Pirate Kit and follow along in these exciting videos!


Your kit bag contains downloadable patterns etc. to create Pirate activities at home; or you can improvise with materials readily available in your household.


Day 1

Episode 1

After last year’s success on the treasure hunt we are back virtually for the Ladysmith Maritime Society’s Kids’ Pirate Days. This year Captain Red Feather will guide you on a voyage to the bottom of the sea, in the sea, and on top of the sea. We are going to begin at the bottom of the sea with singer Admiral Michael and meet the RRRRRRRBC crew with Captain Morgan. We're going to learn about crabs, starfish, and how to make a wind chime. Captain Binga will sing a song and tell us about different animals in the sea.

Day 2

Episode 2

Today we will learn about things in the sea. First we sail over to RRRRRRRRRRRRBC Crew to learn about whales and squid, and Captain Binga will show us how to make invisible ink for your treasure map. Captain Billy Bones and Mackerel Mike from Fishing for Fun will tell us more about crabs and how to keep their homes healthy and clean!

Day 3

Episode 3

 Today we are on top of the sea, Twiggly Wiggly is  joining us to show you how to create a pirate sword and fish with balloons, and some magic tricks. Captain Binga has tale to tell and more jokes from Captain Gruff. We will join Captain Morgan and the crew to learn about tides from Maui the Demi-God who controls the tides. Today you will also create your own Jolly Roger pirate flag.


In this first episode, Cap'n Morgan and his crew tells us about the days ahead. Cap'n Hoser and his parrot Moxy Squawky talks about how parrots became a pirate's best friend. Cap'n John teaches the Ladysmith Ambassadors how to tie knots. Captain Laffy and First Mate Sandra show us how to make the best pirate salad ever. Jade Blakney sings us a beautiful song.


What do you call the force that gives a knot its holding power?

Answer: Friction

In Episode 2, Michael Clarke sings a pirate song. Cap'n Laffy tells the story about How the Captain Got His Parrot. We put the knots that we learned to use on a boat at the Ladysmith Community Marina. We hear some knock-knock jokes.


What animal was too big to be the captain's pet?

Answer: Elephant

In Episode 3, we hear a song by Jade Blakney about a fish... a celebrity fish! Twiggly Wiggly teaches us how to make balloon animals. Tanya tells a story about Pirate Pete & His Smelly Feet.


What protects Cap’n Crunch from becoming Cap’n Crispy Crunch?

Answer: Hat

In Episode 4, Pirate Pete reads the story "Small Saul".  We learn how to make a telescope, and how to make treasure from a rock.  We get the underwater story on tidal pools. We also hear some more terrible pirate jokes!


What is the main ingredient to make a treasure rock?

Answer: Treasure

In Episode 5, we learn about salmon with Steel Snorkle. We hear a great song about mermaids. Young August Green reads an original story. Michael Clarke sings the pirate song "Amore". We hear more terrible pirate jokes.


How many little mermaids swam away for lunch?

Answer: One